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You take care of others. Day in, day out. You need looking after as well.

Have you already arranged your healthcare insurance? The UMC Healthcare Insurance allows you to choose the care that best suits you. With group insurance, you can also make use of many extras in the areas of health and vitality.

The advantages of UMC Zorgverzekering

  • Up to 10% group discount on your supplementary package
  • Up to €400 prevention budget for, for example, a lifestyle check
  • Generous reimbursements for mindfulness, physiotherapy and dental care
  • Discount on exercise and healthcare products
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Your group discount through your employer

Click below on the collectivity number of your UMC that suits your situation to calculate your personal premium.

Amsterdam UMC

Employed: 40714

AIOS: 41851
Young adults: 40716
Retired: 40715

UMC Utrecht

Employed: 40481
AIOS: 41853
Young adults: 40483
Retired: 40482


Employed: 41024
AIOS: 15506
Young adults: 41026
Retired: 41025

Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC

Employed: 40988
AIOS: 41861
Young adults: 40990
Retired: 40989

Maastricht UMC+

Employed: 39933
AIOS: 41855
Young adults: 39935
Retired: 39934

Radboud UMC

Employed: 39218
AIOS: 41859
Young adults: 39220
Retired: 39219


Employed: 37323
AIOS: 41857
Young adults: 37325
Retired: 37324

General information

Dutch national healthcare scheme

Under the Health Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet), all residents of the Netherlands have to take out basic national health insurance. The exact reimbursements included in this basic package are determined by the government each year. The basic national health insurance covers standard medical expenses such as general practitioners, hospitals and pharmaceutical expenses. Each health insurance company is free to set the premium for this package.

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance can be taken out for expenses that are not included in the national health insurance. Reimbursements and premiums vary per health insurance company.

Statutory and voluntary excess

The national health insurance has a statutory excess. The government determined that the excess for this year is € 385. This excess applies to anyone with health insurance aged 18 and up. You can also opt, besides the statutory excess, for an additional voluntary excess of € 0, € 100, € 200, € 300, € 400 or € 500. The level of your premium is proportionate to your voluntary excess. This allows you to set your own premium amount.

More information

Do you have any questions regarding UMC Zorgverzekering or the Dutch health insurance system in general? Please feel free to contact us at 0900 - 80 18 (regular phone costs).