Welcome to UMC Zorgverzekering

UMC Zorgverzekering is a unique health insurance, designed exclusively for you and your colleagues. The people we insure are all employees (or former employees) of university medical centers and their family members. The new UMC Zorgverzekering insurance policies were developed in collaboration with staff from these university medical centers. This has resulted in high-quality health insurance with a low premium, which include attractive group discounts.

Why choose UMC Zorgverzekering?

  • You can compose your own insurance package from four supplementary insurance packages and three separate dental packages.
  • The supplementary insurance packages each offer ample budget for the most important types of care, including movement-related care (e.g. physiotherapy).
  • No maximum rates per treatment apply to these budgets. You are free to choose your care provider and the number of treatment sessions.
  • Family members (aged 18 and up) covered by your policy can choose their own supplementary insurance packages

Calculate your premium

You can calculate your premium and take out a health insurance for 2020 (in Dutch). The English translation of the online form is found here.

If you wish to send your application form by post, you can download the English application form:

UMC Zorgverzekering application form 


General information

Dutch national healthcare scheme

Under the Health Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet), all residents of the Netherlands have to take out basic national health insurance. The exact reimbursements included in this basic package are determined by the government each year. The basic national health insurance covers standard medical expenses such as general practitioners, hospitals and pharmaceutical expenses. Each health insurance company is free to set the premium for this package.

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance can be taken out for expenses that are not included in the national health insurance. Reimbursements and premiums vary per health insurance company.

Statutory and voluntary excess

The national health insurance has a statutory excess. The government determined that the excess for this year is € 385. This excess applies to anyone with health insurance aged 18 and up. You can also opt, besides the statutory excess, for an additional voluntary excess of € 0, € 100, € 200, € 300, € 400 or € 500. The level of your premium is proportionate to your voluntary excess. This allows you to set your own premium amount.

More information

Do you have any questions regarding UMC Zorgverzekering or the Dutch health insurance system in general? Please feel free to contact us at 0900 - 80 18 (regular phone costs).